AFALA, The Annual African Assembly on Linguistic Anthropology, is a yearly conference on Linguistic Anthropology with a focus on African countries, and regions, and of those academics and researchers in African countries and regions. Scholars from around the world gather to engage in various fields surrounding African Linguistic Anthropology, though this in no way limits interest to those working on the East, or to Linguistic Anthropologists, Linguistics, or Anthropologists. Based at Mahidol University, in Bangkok, Thailand, but networking with other universities, the conference venue shifts yearly, where the Conference Main committee, advised by the Conference Scientific committee, collaborates with the respective universities for each conference.

General aims

The general aims of the conference include:

To elicit new understandings of Linguistic Anthropology, by centering research and rhetoric on African contexts, and a network of related fields.

To contribute significantly to the advanced efforts of other global societies and organizations in Linguistic Anthropology, such as the SLA (Society for Linguistic Anthropology), The JLA (the Journal for Linguistic Anthropology), the AAA (the American Anthropological Association), The JAT (the Journal of Anthropological theory), the Annual Review of Anthropology, and others.

To strengthen conceptions, and interest in Linguistic Anthropology in Asia, and to increasingly connect scholars working in and on African regions with those in other region

The African Assembly on Linguistic Anthropology, in 2015, instigated efforts to form, and hence to embark on organizing its annual conferences. The conference networks with Universities and academics globally.
2015 Formation
2016 Development of first formatory committee, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017 Formation of Scientific committee
Endorsement by the American Anthropological Association
2019 Inaugural annual conference – Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
2020 Second annual conference – Location and host to be updated