The Need for Pragmatics in Pedagogies: A Theoretical, Conceptual, and Methodological Review

Author: Mihretu Yihunie Yalew (Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia)
Speaker: Mihretu Yihunie Yalew
Topic: Applied Sociolinguistics
The GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


This paper reviews the historical, theoretical, conceptual and methodological views of scholarly works in the field of pragmatics. Pragmatics is a branch of linguistics which is exceptionally vast and heterogeneous and is an expanding field of study. Research advocates the importance of incorporating pragmatics into classroom instruction to enhance learners’ pragmatic awareness and competence and hence their use of the target language for effective communication. Thus, this review highly relies on interlanguage pragmatics, which is an interdisciplinary field of pragmatics that has been studied from various theoretical, analytical, and methodological perspectives. Therefore, this review includes issues of incorporating pragmatics instruction into classrooms, the approaches and strategies employed during its instruction, the sociopragmatics and pragmalinguistics aspects of the target language (TL), linguistic and/or semantical aspects of speech acts as well as their illocutionary forces.

Keywords: Pragmatics, Sociopragmatics, Pragmalinguistics, Pragmatic Awareness, Pragmatic competence