Overview of Children Neglect in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria

Author: Michael Adedotun Oke (Ahamdu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria)
Speaker: Michael Adedotun Oke
Topic: Poetics
The GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


A lot of writing words of affection by different people were investigated in the column of the vanguard newspaper Nigeria. Where a writer expresses their own opinion in few words in small columns allocated to them by the newspaper. It allows the dissemination of different information of the love words from a writer to a lover. An individual that have contributed help the receivers too be assured of his or her love. This paper therefore presented different write up, on the love notes of the year 2018 and try to ask an individual receivers the various impact that it has made too them. It was found out that the write up consist the poetry love messages and the deep inside of the different thoughts, it has encourage a lot of affections, trust, demonstration of love words and increase learning and people are educated motivated too share and receive tips and the contributions too. And suggestion were made to encourage women to develop the habit of writing a love letters to the newspapers organization, train women journalist and allow for men columnists.

Keywords: love, notes, affairs, Nigeria