The Element of Symbolism in Non-Animals Featured in the YORÙBÁ Health-Related Genres

Author: Ọládélé Caleb Orímóògùnjẹ́ (University of Lagos,Akoka-Lagos, Nigeria)
Speaker: Ọládélé Caleb Orímóògùnjẹ́
Topic: Ethnography of Communication
The GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


This paper will attempt a study of how symbolism portrays some in-animate objects featured in the verbal arts used in the YORÙBÁ indigenous healthcare practices. We shall attempt to show how symbolism is related to in-animate characters in the indigenous healthcare practices. We shall analyse the texts under study at the metaphorical level taking their socio-cultural contexts into consideration. The psychological dimension on the users of health-related genres will also be investigated. Various scholars have used Symbolism as a critical concept and tool in their analysis of literary works. This work argues that Symbolism plays a great role in the indigenous healthcare delivery system in the YORÙBÁ traditional setting. The meaning given to each symbol in relation to the belief of the users makes the position of the YORÙBÁ in health-related issues clear and rational in using these genres as therapeutic indices.

Keywords: Symbols, animals, in-animate objects, verbal arts and health-care practices