Navigating Diversity: Unveiling the Multilingual Landscape and Cultural Fabric of Bujumbura City

Author: Emmanuella Ahishakiye (University of Burundi, Burundi)
Speaker: Emmanuella Ahishakiye
Topic: Applied Sociolinguistics
The GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


This study delves into the intersection of language and culture in Bujumbura City, the economic hub of Burundi. It focuses on how the city’s identity is shaped by its languages and symbols. To accomplish this, we scrutinize the linguistic landscape of Bujumbura, analyzing the distribution and patterns of languages, scripts, and communication styles in different neighbourhoods. Furthermore, we examine the cultural attitudes, values, and trends that influence the city’s social landscape and explore how language either reflects or challenges cultural norms. This research holds great significance for urban planning, policy-making, and cultural preservation in Bujumbura and beyond. By grasping how language diversity and cultural interactions merge in the city, stakeholders can promote inclusivity and celebrate the richness of Bujumbura’s cultural mosaic.

Keywords: Diversity, multilingualism, linguistic landscape, cultural fabric.