Art Discourse in the Media Sphere within African Art

Author: Anna Bazhan (Kuban State University, Russia)
Speaker: Anna Bazhan
Topic: General Sociolinguistics
The GLOCAL AFALA 2023 General Session


This work is devoted to the features and characteristics that form the specifics of art  discourse in the media space of the English and French languages in a framework of African Art. The relevance of the study lies in the opportunity to understand the cultural values and basic paradigms of modern linguistics  through a discursional analysis of contemporary art  sources presented by publications in  journals about art of African countries, as well as video interviews and video presentations by respected museums and art galleries. This is an opportunity to enhance the exchange of knowledge in the area under consideration. Both general scientific and private scientific research methods are used in the work, a discursive analysis is carried out with the analysis of macrodiscursive and microdiscursive characteristics.  The study emphasizes the interpretive nature of art  discourse, the often encountered direct interpretation. Particular attention is paid to language functions, because thanks to this knowledge , we can talk about the typology of discourse. Empirical material is represented by articles and video sources from modern magazines and media resources about art. A bright social orientation and its main aspects are revealed. This problem is poorly sanctified in the modern scientific world, which gives the potential for its further deeper development. The work has an interdisciplinary character, there is an intersection of such disciplines as linguistics and art.

Keywords: African art discourse, media space, language functions, interpretation, discursive analysis, African art.